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Let’s face it. These days, if you don’t fulfill your romantic obligations come Valentines Day, you will be relegated not only to the status of pariah by our cultural norms, but also viewed as a huge douche. It’s 2015, Dawg, and we’re living in a material world.
Given this simple fact, the big question we must confront is, “How can I not only avoid being a douche, but elevate myself to hero status as well?” Here at Frog & Toad, we pride ourselves on having answers to this and other difficult questions.

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Let’s start with a card for your sweetie. Does he/she like letterpress? Die cut? Laser cut? Hilarious or sincere? We actually have all of them, and by that we mean: we have ALL OF THE CARDS, so it’s super easy to find the bestĀ salutation that sends the right message.

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Jewelry is always a great bet. And we have tons, so you’ll have no problem. On top of that, if you like we canĀ guide you in the right direction too. And our complimentary gift wrap means you won’t be trifling with tape dispensers, stick on bows, and newsprint back at your home wrapping studio.

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Finally, you’ll really cement hero status by mixing in one additional “thoughtful” gift. This says, “One gift is not enough for you.” This says: I am a Valentines Champion. Whether it’s a hand painted heart or a bar of artisanal chocolate, don’t be afraid to go the extra mile; your rep is on the line.

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Whatever your course of action, remember, we believe in you. If you really were a chump, you wouldn’t be reading our blog in the first place. You’ve already taken the first step. This is your year. Make us proud!