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Here at Frog & Toad, we take our sidewalk signage pretty seriously.

And by that we mean: we don’t take anything too seriously.

While that might sound like mixed messaging, one thing’s pretty crystal: a business’s identity is reflected in its sidewalk signs. And this is why we try and make you chuckle when you are passing on the sidewalk. We’re a funny little shop and enjoy what we do immensely. Here’s a look at some of our proudest moments captured in chalk on a black board for all of eternity. Or at least a week or so.


In the Summer of 2013, a young lady named Maret came to inquire after a job listing we had posted. As it turned out, she was an incredible illustrator who could make magic with hand-lettering and suddenly our dumb ideas for signs were supercharged!

Instead of just dumb, they were now super dumb!

What began as a brainstorming session with ideas like “We need to have a pegasus sitting in a cup of Del’s lemonade and wearing sunglasses!!!” would soon turn into this:

Empowered by this influx of raw talent, senior FnT staff began to plan weekly brainstorming sessions in order to keep this sign momentum churning forward into new territory. These creative thought sessions would be termed “spitballin'” or “riffin'” or sometimes “getting caught up in the riff-tide”. Once Asher spit his coffee up all over his own pants.

Clean pants were not available.

But that isn’t the point. The point is that we really take pride in making our signs. We respect the process and follow the creative thread until it leads us through to its natural course. And we just really hope you like them. This whole thing is really all about catching your eye. Like we did for Groundhog Day.


We really caught the eye of some Canadian shoppers with this next sign. They wanted to know if we were serious.
We weren’t sure how to answer them.


Here are some other conversation starters.





In the Fall of 2014, Maret tied the knot with her beau Jeffrey. While they were away on their honeymoon, we decided to honor their union with a predictably subpar sign.


Maret can be found at Frog & Toad in a locked basement room we call the “Art-O-Sphere” and is given lunch breaks every third Tuesday.

Just kidding.

Lunch breaks would totally hamper her productivity.

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