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Only one proposal could be so preposterously offensive and insulting to our collective intelligence as to bring together the Rhode Island GOP, the Rhode Island Progressive Democrats and Occupy Providence in unequivocal opposition. But when the new PawSox ownership asked the state to foot the bill for their relocation LESS THAN SIX MILES AWAY that is exactly what happened. Now we’re not here to discuss this matter in any detail; there are far more articulate people out there already doing so. Nope, we’re here to say a $120 million payout, no property tax or land rental income sucks for Rhode Island and if you agree, this is how you can help.

Our buddy is making some pretty great bumper stickers and thus far we can’t keep them in supply here at our store or anywhere else. The idea has been to give them away for free so that everyone opposed to this plan can have a sticker to say so. As a small business, we’ve already contributed $100 and will contribute more, but could use your help. If you can pitch in a little, we can keep printing these stickers and get them in as many hands as possible. You’d think that so soon after the 38 Studios deal that Rhode Island could trust their leaders to be wiser with our taxpayer money, but sadly, that is definitely not the case. Let’s work together and make this case for them.
You can make donations to the sticker cause here. Safely. Securely. And trust that we’ll put your $ to work! Just click this paypal button.
Also, if you donate, we invite you to come by our store to pick up a stack of stickers once they’re reprinted . . .

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