Father's Day Gift Guide ... Part 2!

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Dads are literally impossible to shop for. Why do they have to be so difficult?! They buy what they need (very little) and would rather have you get an oil change than spend any money on them. We think that's just not fair; Dads deserve a little pampering, too! Father's Day is just around the corner, and we're here to steer you in the right direction to make sure Pops is pleasantly surprised this year.

F&TP Staple
What's something Dad probably doesn't have? A trophy proclaiming he’s the best! We can just picture this lil beauty posed on his office bookshelf between War and Peace and Crime and Punishment. Ah yes, nothing but class here for the best Dad around.

World's Best Dad Trophy - $28


Keep It Clean
No one likes a stanky Dad. One way to get ahead of the inevitable post-mow-funk is our favorite Kentucky Bourbon Soap! With a rich, peppery oak scent, this soap will make Dad smell way more tolerable at the dinner table this summer.

Kentucky bourbon whiskey soap - $8


Socks For Everyone!
Check the fit on Dad these days — high socks, all white kicks, some Carhart apparel, and a 5-panel hat... is it just us, or is Dad suddenly COOL? They say trends always cycle back around, and we think Summer 2024 is the summer of Cool Dads.

Here comes cool dad socks - $14.99


Sweet & Sentimental
If you know us, we love to crack jokes and not take things too seriously. While a sense of humor is important, so is showing the person who means the most to you how important they are. This sweet keepsake is a wonderful way to let your dad know how much you appreciate him.

Letters To My Dad - $14.95


Dad Top Picks

Desktop football -


Dad jokes venn diagram mug - $16


Best dad ever beer can glass - $16


Dad you're the king lion greeting card - $5.25


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