This Year’s Summer Must-Haves

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The streets are saying that 2024 is going to be a year of honesty (don’t worry, politicians, you’re exempt) and, to be honest, some of you do not smell very good in the summer. I get it– the sun is out, the RI humidity is through the roof, and the heat waves around here are no joke. Luckily, Newport-based Shore Soap Co. doesn’t mess around when it comes to their array of bar soaps, body lotions, and other refreshing bath products. I like the Atlantic soap bar because the West Coast is for losers. Happy New England Summer!

Atlantic Soap Bar - $9


If you’re a true fan of my blog, then you already know my feelings regarding restricted shoreline access in the Ocean State, of all places. While my Share Our Shore T-shirt and stickers are a staple in my beach-going routine, I’ve recently found myself desperate for a bigger, bolder way to express my distaste for the coastal elites. Enter the brand-new Share Our Shore Beach Blanket! As you can see on the F+T website, I like to bring this insanely soft accessory to my backyard tanning sessions, and the drawstring bag it comes in makes it extra convenient for beach days that hopefully don’t cost $20 just for parking. Plus, all the proceeds go to the Rhode Island Environmental Education Association, which you can learn more about on their site. Happy trespassing (just kidding, you totally shouldn’t do that)!

Share Our Shore Beach Blanket - $38


The summer sunshine has a way of making life feel like it’s all fun and games, but hydration is no joke. This stainless steel water bottle is the perfect vessel for keeping your summer bev of choice cold all day long! If that isn’t already making you crave an ice cold drink, this water bottle also comes with a built-in strainer, so it’s perfect for suffusion of all kinds (I’m partial to lemon and/or cucumber-infused water). If these features still haven’t swayed you, the bottle also includes an attachable silicone strap to make hydrating on your busier summer days even more convenient. No excuses!

Teakwood Strainer Bottle 20 oz - $32.99


Looking for another reason to prioritize hydration this summer? Everyone knows that water is a necessary companion when enjoying a more adult beverage, and what better way to enjoy than by sipping from this gorgeous RI-themed flask! Pro tip: ordering a virgin summer beverage and adding your booze of choice (that you’ve brought along in this convenient flask) is much cheaper than paying for the regular alcoholic version. For the record, I am of legal drinking age… in Quebec.

Rhode Islander Flask - $32


As a born-and-bred Rhode Islander, there is nothing I love more than showing my state pride wherever and however I can. As a long-time dad hat lover, my current favorite RI-themed accessory would have to be this sassy embroidered cap. Supporting local artists and businesses is an essential component of true state pride, which is why this hat was designed in-house and embroidered in-state. Don’t walk, run to our website and get yourself some stylish headwear before it’s too late!

Gold & White Rhode Island Hat - $25


In honor of Honest Summer 2024, I’m going to be honest with you all: I am a lifelong vegetarian, and have therefore never tasted a clam cake or anything of that sort. However, almost everyone I know is obsessed with them, making this guide one of my go-to gifts, especially in the summertime. The Great Clam Cake and Fritter Guide covers all the bases, including where to obtain the various fried clam delicacies the East Coast has to offer. This all-knowing guide also contains various recipes and historical facts regarding this unique genre of food that I, unfortunately, will never get to enjoy.

The Great Clam Cake and Fritter Guide - $21.95


Guys… I think I just found the game of the summer! I come from a big, loud, competitive family that doesn’t mess around when it comes to game night, and Lobster Mobster brings all the heat. Fierce competition and high risk? Cards that add new rules as you go along? The ability to knock someone down a peg if you catch them breaking one of said rules? It’s basically my siblings and me if we were a game!

Lobster Mobster - $19.95


If you found my flask idea underwhelming, this on-the-go cocktail kit might be for you! Those who share my dream of becoming a mixologist will delight in this easily portable tin, which includes recipes, bottles, fancy bartending utensils, and even a funnel. It fits right in your bag, so why not take it to your summer kickbacks and impress your friends? The only thing this kit doesn’t include is alcohol, but you’ll have no trouble finding some if you- unlike myself- are of legal drinking age in the United States. Must be nice.

Any Time Cocktail Kit - $14


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