Burger Chenille Patch

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Our original design Pin Pin Pals iron-on patch features a fun character from our enamel pins.

Perfect to put on your jean jacket, clothes, hat, or backpack! Great gift for foodies or anyone who loves burgers. Get one for yourself or one for a friend. Match with our Burger & Fries enamel pins for a perfect gift! See application instructions below.

// Instructions //
1. Set the iron at the highest temperature, be careful when dealing with a hot iron.
2. Place the chenille patch on the desired garment spot.
3. To prevent the chenille patch from burning, take a piece of cloth above the patch. Any cloth that is not too thick or too thin, such as an old t-shirt will do.
4. Press the hot iron over the chenille patch firmly for 5-7 seconds. Remove the iron for 2 seconds, and press again. Repeat this sept until the chenille patch is firmly attached to the fabric surface.
5. Option to turn the garment inside out, and press the hot iron over the patch from the inside for 3-4 seconds.

// Wash Instructions //
When washing, make sure to turn the garment inside out to protect the chenille patch.
Wash in cold water, gentle cycle recommended.

Size: 3" × 3"

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