Candy Canes Set of 6 - Krampus

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Central European legend says that Krampus is a horned, half-goat creature known for punishing children who did not end up on Santa’s nice list. That sounds pretty terrifying to us, but you know what sounds better? Krampus Candy Canes!

These "Fire & Brimstone" flavored smoky cinnamon-flavored treats are a delicious and enjoyable way to spread some holiday cheer, to everyone on your list!

  • Net Weight 3.8 oz.
  • Each box contains 6 individually wrapped Candy Canes and measures 5.75"
  • Each cane is Black and Red Striped 
  • Far less scary and more delicious than the legendary Krampus
  • Ideal for mixing up your go-to Christmas candies
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