Dome Terrarium Herb Garden

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Culinary Herb Garden Dome Terrarium DuneCraft Culinary Herb Garden Dome Terrarium grows delicious herbs you can really use! The herbs we use today are the same herbs that were used thousands of years ago for medicine, food, and much more. Learn how to grow and use herbs right in your own kitchen in less than a week. This complete kit contains everything you need to keep fresh herbs in your home for months upon months! Sprout and start seedlings in your dome for transplant, or grow and use them right out of your dome. The five individual seed packs (basil, cilantro, dill, parsley and sage) contain enough seed for three or more plantings. Grow delicious herbs you can really use Easy to grow Sprouts in days and ready to use in under two weeks Basil Fresh leaves can be sprinkled on fresh tomato slices, spaghetti sauce, on omelets, and fish. Cilantro The leaves of Cilantro are used in making Salsa. They are also used to flavor a variety of Middle Eastern and southeast Asian Food. Dill Dill can be used fresh or dried to season eggs, vegetables, fish, and cheeses. This herb is also used to flavor soups, salads, and sauces. Parsley The leaves of this herbs are used fresh or dry to season meats, egg, fish, or vegetable dishes. Sage This plant has been used in teas since recorded ime. It is commonly used in stuffing and sausage. About DuneCraft DuneCraft creates unusual science and nature products that appeal to all ages! DuneCraft products are truly unique, exciting, and fun. They are educational and edgy, a hip combination that really creates a win-win-win! They are proud of their quality, content and subject matter, and proud that their products are made and assembled in the United States. Their goal is to creat fun, exciting products that will further individuals' interest in plants and nature.

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