Fantasy Cats Wall Calendar 2019

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Turn adorable felines into magical creatures with Fantasy Cats 2019, a 16-month wall calendar featuring adorable cats and stickers with which to turn them into fantasy creatures! What's more adorable than a fluffy kitten? A fluffy kitten with a magical horn that shoots rainbows! From the makers of Dress Up Your Kitty comes Fantasy Cats 2019, a calendar featuring 13 full-color cat pictures and two sheets of stickers for turning ordinary felines into creatures of magic and myth! Whether you want to create a winged fairy cat-mother or a black-clad Count Catula, this calendar will allow you to make these kitties as magical as you want them to be! The perfect gift for the cat lover and fantasy fanatic in your life, Fantasy Cats 2019 is a wonderful gift that lets you make magic all year long!

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