Feel Incredibly High Breath Spray

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Stop waiting for your government to legalize marijuana! Stop waiting for your dealer to show up on time! Get high when you want, where you want. Even naked in church! We only live once, right? So what are you waiting for? Time to get high!

*Manufacturer's Warning: This product contains absolutely no real marijuana or any other mind-altering substance. If you believed our preposterous claims, you must already be stoned. Or else incredibly optimistic. If you are unemployed, visit your local employment office. A unicorn training center may be hiring new riders.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Spray on tongue, then stand on head while breathing quickly into a plastic bag. After three minutes, stand up quickly and twirl, arms out in a helicopter motion until product takes full effect. You may require spotters. If you are not completely satisfied with this product, please contact police to file a formal complaint. Be sure to take samples of real marijuana for chemical comparison. If stranded on a deserted island, empty breath spray bottle may be converted into makeshift pipe.

TESTIMONIAL: "I used to spark up so often my housecoat would catch fire. My husband complained the house smelled like an ashram with all the incense burning. I'd tried traditional marijuana patches, but I hated how they interrupted the lines of my Celtic tattoo. Your spray gets me off my head without the headache of searching for rolling papers, getting busted or accidentally hot boxing the minivan full of kids on the way to school." Mary Jane O'Neil (Stay-at-home mom and ex-stoner) Kamloops, BC.

0.25 fl oz. Revitalizing mint flavored breath spray.

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