Greetings From Mexico T-Shirt

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Hey man! Mexico here. Just wondering, how's that wall coming along? You know, the wall. Weren't you talking about building a wall? A "big, beautiful wall" I think you called it? Yeah, that one!

Oh, shit, really? I'm sorry to hear that, man. I know you were really excited about it. It was all you talked about! Can't you just do, like, a fence or something? Yeah. Guess that would be kind of lame.

Well shit, man, I'm hope things turn around for ya. I'm sure this 36% approval rating is only temporary. If you need me, I'll be on the beach over here having micheladas and tacos.

What's that? Oh. Sorry, man. I'd love to help you out but I can't right now. Take care though!

100% cotton men's shirt.


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