Headband - Fade - Turquoise

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Super soft and cozy for any type of outdoor activity (or for times when you just want to feel lazy), this Turquoise Alpaca Headband makes for the perfect accessory. Capturing the vibrant hues of sparkling oceans or bright, summer days, this plush headband will surely liven up your look and mood. Also contributing to the list of reasons to love this headband is its superb alpaca fiber composition. Handmade in Peru, this accessory is softer than cashmere and warmer than wool.
Capturing the beauty of bright, summer days, this Turquoise Alpaca Headband with an ombré design will add flair and personality to your cold weather outfits. Keeping you nice and toasty is its super soft and warm alpaca fiber composition.

Material: 100% Baby Alpaca
Size: One Size

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