Hike Card Game

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  • HIKE GAME: Play cards on matching types in an effort to get rid of all your cards Specialty cards can throw a wrench in anyone’s strategy, so watch out for avalanches, don’t get lost, & avoid poop
  • FAMILY GAME: Game includes 80 nature themed cards, 7 suits, and 10 specialty cards Play this 30 minute game with 3-8 players ages 7 years old and up
  • GAME NIGHT: Liven up the party with a game that friends will love or bring this game home for family to enjoy Either way it’s a great way to get everyone playing and having a good time
  • ENDLESS PLAY: Continuum Games presents card, dice, board, party, word, trivia, and strategy games for everyone You’ll find high quality games that are quick to pick up and provide endless play value
  • TRAVEL ACTIVITIES: This compact, portable game can easily fit in a purse or backpack, making it perfect as an on the go activity for long road trips in the car and long waits at the restaurant
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