Holiday Hangovers Paint Can Candle *

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​Live to sleigh another day with our Instant Cure for Holiday Hangovers Paint Can Candle. We've mulled it over, and have decided that this is our favorite candle to gift during the Hannakuah, Christmas, Kwanza, and Festivus season!

  • Instant Cure for Holiday Hangovers Half-Pint Paint Can Candle
  • 8-ounces (half-pint) of premium US soy wax poured into a half paint can with a retro-styled label mixes together to create the most hopeful of holiday gifts

Definitely not the cure for all that ails you, but it offers a hearty laugh to get you on your way to a slow but painfully funny recovery! A hilarious hostess gift for the Friendsgiving, or anyone that tends to hit the eggnog or gingerbread men shots a little hard over Christmas!

Merlot, Cinnamon, and Orange Scented. The steel half-pint paint bucket holds 8 oz of premium US soy wax. The perfect stocking stuffer size, it measures approximately 3.875 inches tall x 3.25 inches in diameter. Our delusionally hopeful Instant Cure for the Holiday Hangovers Candle an ideal gift for your drinking buddies!

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