Introvert Glass Ornament

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The ornament that is perfectly comfortable with a little alone time

Introverts don't celebrate the holidays the way extroverts do. They don't want to go door to door singing or participate in merrymaking, but they do like to curl up with a good book while sipping cocoa in front of their tree. This Introvert Ornament is the perfect way to make a private person feel included without any of the unnecessary showiness of most ornaments. In fact, this ornament would prefer if you put it on the back of the tree facing the wall without a bunch of other loud ornaments around it. This glass introvert peering over a book is 3-5/8" tall and includes string or can stand on its own.


  • 3-5/8" tall glass ornament
  • Hiding behind a book
  • Put on back of tree
  • Comes with string for hanging


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