Keep PVD Secret Mason Jar

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We’re counting on all of you to help us out and do your part. Please, in the name of pasta and gravy, keep Providence a SECRET. Your friends and family do NOT need to know how good we have it here. Send them south to the cozy cobblestone streets of Hartford where insurance plans grow on trees and there is a museum. Your social media circle needs to hear about Hartford’s economically prudent waterfront development, the low, low taxes and a ROBUST nightlife that rivals Miami’s.
As a friendly reminder, we are proud to offer our exclusive laser-etched PVD Secret Mason Jar, perfect for holding some terrible iced coffee from White Electric or Bolt or maybe even a “to-go” margarita from Tortilla Flats. Comes complete with 24k gold screw-on lid (that’s not true).

This is a limited edition, so get yours quick.

  • 16 oz mason jar with gold lid
  • laser etched in RI
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