Let's Go Outside!

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Inclusive entreaties to engage with nature pair with lush, page-filling depictions of children frolicking throughout landscapes and seasons in this irresistible call to ‘go outside!’” –Publishers Weekly

Let’s go outside! Let’s find a big, sploshy puddle! Let’s run as fast as our legs can carry us!.

The great outdoors is waiting, ready to be filled with excitement and imagination. Join a group of friends as they play together throughout the year in this joyful exploration of spending time outside every day.

Explore the fun that can be had outdoors in all weather and count how many children have gone outside to play in this celebration imaginative play and the simple pleasure of spending time outside everyday... and cozying up indoors at the end of the day.

At the end of this simple and lyrical picture book are discussion prompts and outdoor activity suggestions, all ready for parents and children to say... LET'S GO OUTSIDE!


Being outdoors lets us use all our senses.

What can you SMELL when you’re outside?

What can you HEAR?

What can you TOUCH? A hard tree trunk? Squelchy mud? Can you think of other things?

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