My Name is Easter Bunny Zotter's Bar- Curbside Only

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Chuncho, the rare cocoa bean from Peru: Chuncho is a bean with a history reaching back centuries. This ancient and rare cocoa bean variety is still cultivated today, at an unusual altitude of between 400 and 1.400 metres. We have turned this rare fine flavor cocoa into an elegant, multilayered single origin chocolate.

Imagine a lightly salted cracker, topped with a sweet cream and pieces of mango, banana and watermelon and decorated with candied rose petals and chopped cashew nuts. You’ll be able to experience all of these flavors in exactly this sequence when you let our tender-melting cocoa pearl slowly melt in your mouth. This multi-layered bouquet of the mild Chuncho chocolate is so elegant, you won’t be able to resist. Just bring your nose close to it and you will detect a pleasantly fruity aroma of rose, tropical fruit, caramelized nuts and pretzels. This delicacy offers up a veritable aromatic rollercoaster.

Fragrance notes: fruity and floral, tropical fruit mix, caramelized nuts, salty pretzels
Taste notes: sweet and mild, lightly salted crackers, nutty notes, cream, exotic fruit (echoes of mango, banana and watermelon), nutty cracker finish

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