Outdoor Lovers Storytile - Large

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Ceramic tiles have been made in and around Delft, Holland since the 16th century. StoryTiles continues the tradition with miniature art-on-tiles. Each tile features a humorous and modern detail, contrasting the old with the modern. The original design of the Old Dutch tile dates back to the 16th century and is based on a collection of Kramer Art & Antiques Amsterdam.

The tiles are made with love and are artisanally baked at 830*C in Holland. The pieces of art with unique designs are heat, UV, and water resistant. Please handle this tile with care, as it is s delicate product and use it in a common way.

All materials are sourced for their unique quality and carefully crafted. Any incidental marks, tonal changes, and/or textural variances are part of the material's natural characteristics and should not be considered as imperfections.

Designed by Marga Van Oers

13 cm x 13 cm with hanging system included

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