Your Heart is a Prism Print

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This print is the first in a series that Becky Stark and Peter Glantz are making together. They write slogans and turn them into prints and videos. This is the first print and is designed in collaboration with Jacob Ciocci.

“Jacob is a founding member of the art collective Paper Rad and plays in the band Extreme Animals. Becky is the lead singer/songwriter of the folk pop band Lavender Diamond. We’ve been long time collaborators and friends. We live across the country from one another and write these slogans via text message. It’s fun to get a random positive message, and our intent is for people who come across these posters to get the same feeling of unexpected joy. Our work together is about giving off healing vibrations generated by humor and beauty. We hope it makes you smile.”

(Added bonus: if you have a blacklight, this print will glow in it!)

16 x 22in.

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