Rainbow Glitter Kitty Sticker

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Glitter Rainbow Kitty is a super, ultra, rare, shiny variant of Rainbow Cat, an already rare mythical creature! Seeing her is so uncommon that many scientists believed her existence was a hoax until the photos above were taken by a very lucky bystander. What makes her appear isn’t clear, although experts speculate she has about a %0.05 chance of emerging after a heavy rainstorm on the night of a full moon. Her sparkly cuteness is said to be breathtaking, and anyone who comes across her is rumored to be blessed with eternal happiness. If you happen to find the rare feline, please pet her in honor of me, and all the other cat lovers out there!

Includes one (1) GLITTER! vinyl sticker
Sticker is roughly 3" x 3.5"

Please note that the sticker's ink is exposed. This is totally fine in most events, however, we do not recommend the use of these stickers on areas that will experience excessive rubbing, ie: cellphones. Avoid use alcohol based products on these stickers as it will remove the ink.

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