Resist Set

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2019 is a scary time for all of us and it's important to hold true to what is important and stick to your values. We put together this set in hopes that you'll sharpen the pencil, write out your cards to your elected officials, and drop it in a mailbox while donning your patch.

We're going to hook you up with this set for only $12, valued at $18.90. That's like basically getting a patch for free!

This set includes:
-1 pack of 6 green pencils printed with, "This Machine Kills Fascists" inspired by Woody Guthrie and is packaged in a cellophane pack with a sassy sticker.
-1 MLK Jr. postcard that reads, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter."
-1 Hold Fast postcard featuring an eagle talon holding an olive branch.
-1 "Welcome To The Capitalist Oligarchy" letterpressed greeting card and kraft envelope.
-1 Hold Fast iron on embroidered patch.

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Our patches iron on best to natural fibers, like cotton or denim, and will not adhere to synthetic fabrics.

Here are a few handy tricks for easy ironing of our patches:
1. Set your iron to the setting matching the fabric you are adhering to (cotton, linen, etc.)
2. Lay the garment flat and put a cloth over the area of the item where the patch is to be applied. Place the heated iron on the cloth and press down firmly for 8 seconds to heat up the garment.
3. Place your iron-on patch on the pre-heated area, put the cloth on top of the patch and press down firmly for 8-10 seconds with your iron. Turn garment inside out, put a cloth on top of the patch area, and press down with the iron for another 5 seconds.
4. Remove the iron and cloth, set the item aside and allow it to fully cool before handling.
5. Show off your sweet new patch to all your friends!

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