What Do We Know About the Chupacabra?

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A legendary creature first spotted in Puerto Rico    
The “goat-sucker” who drinks the blood of livestock
A mysterious cryptid that is part of the folklore of the Americas, from the United States to Chile

The What Do We Know About? series explores the mysterious, the unknown, and the unexplained. Is there really a mysterious, blood-sucking creature called the Chupcabra?

Early one morning in 1995, a rancher in Humacao, Puerto Rico, found three of his goats dead. The blood seemed to have been drained from their bodies. As dozens more farm animals were found dead across the island, the fear of the so-called Chupacabra — the “goat sucker” —  grew. But was a mysterious cryptid really responsible for all of these deaths? And if so, where would it go next? Follow the trail of the Chupacabra in this exciting new title.

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