Staff Picks - Meet Katie!

Hello! I’m Katie, and have been a part of Frog & Toad since fall of 2022. Having just moved to Providence from Philly at that time, it was lovely to find such a wonderful shop to work at right away! I grew up in CT but had been living in Pennsylvania for the previous 10 years, so it is nice to land back in New England.

When I’m not slinging high quality tchotchkes with the Frog & Toad family, I’m on the road as a musician. I’m a big ol’ fan of dogs, hiking, camping, craft cocktails, video games, comics, sci-fi, horror, maximalist home decorating, and trying to keep my plants alive. My expertly curated staff picks likely reflect these interests, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll have no shortage of cool things to choose from!