Keep Block Island a Secret!

Keep Block Island a Secret!

Our newest collab is shedding light on a serious issue and raising funds for a good cause.

Frog & Toad is excited to announce our new partnership with the fine folks at Blvck Market! We've come together to release a new t-shirt design that asks you to keep Rhode Island's best kept secret to yourself, while raising funds to combat Block Island's dire housing crisis. We are donating all proceeds from the sale of our new shirt design to the Block Island Housing Board, which is working to provide stable housing options for all Block Islanders.

There is no question that the United States and Rhode Island in particular are facing a crisis of massive proportions in our housing market. Nowhere is the problem more glaring than on B.I. For years the shortage of available affordable homes has been a quiet dilemma that thousands struggle with. We've heard first-hand stories of hard-working people, business owners, construction workers, teachers, landscapers, town employees (you name it!), all having to live out of their cars for months at a time. Many property owners balance off-season rentals for year-round residents with astronomical summer rental prices for vacationers, meaning many islanders are left without accommodations in the summer months. It's called the seasonal shuffle. This leads to people living in sheds or shelters without electricity or running water, or out of their cars, like we said.

One of the most amazing aspects of Block Island is it's land preservation. Here you see roling hills and pastures, without the garish billion-dollar mansions you find on Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard. It's not overbuilt and cluttered with homes whatsover; in fact it's amazing . . . like a trip back in time about 200 years. Obviously nobody would want that to change, but it is the major determining factor in providing homes for the working class. We are encouraged that the Block Island Housing Board has found a viable solution. One sensible proposal by resident Chris Warfel suggests identifying town-owned or non-profit organization-owned land that could be used to build affordable rental units for Block Island residents. If land owned by the town, the power company, water company, sewer company, Block Island Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, Block Island Conservancy or the airport could be used, it would be a total game changer.

Both Frog & Toad and Blvck Market want Block Island to preserve its otherworldly charm AND take care of its workforce housing. We promise to take good care of your financial support by passing on the proceeds from our Keep Block Island a Secret tee to the Block Island Housing Board and continuing to advocate for safe and stable living conditions for ALL Block Islanders.

When you're on island, please stop by 234 Water Street and visit Blvck Market. They have beautiful private-label clothing and apparel, and you can certainly pick up a tee while you're there. You can also purchase a shirt at Frog & Toad at 795 Hope Street or on our website.

Special shout out to FnT studio manger Michael Ezzell for crafting the new t-shirt design and individually screen printing each tee at our Nicholson File Studio.


  1. Publicus Publicus

    Land owned by the BI land trust, the Nature conservancy and the BI Conservancy given over to development would be a game over for this oasis.

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