About Us

Twenty three years ago, Erin and Asher Schofield opened their special little neighborhood shop with an ever-changing selection of affordable items from around the world, ranging from lovely and inspiring to odd and incredible, and featuring lots of locally-made goodness. Since then, the store has doubled in size… and stuff!

You’ll find hand-knit sweaters, jewelry, handbags, throw rugs, pop culture odds and ends, locally-printed and designed graphic tees, Fair Trade handicrafts from around the globe, and much, much, much more. Frog and Toad also offers gift-wrapping and a staff that loves what they do. Browsers always welcome. See you soon!


We would also like to announce the newest members of our team:

Gianna Varela, Sales Associate
Hazel Schofield, Buyer
Kalani Zarzuela, Sales Associate