Cacti and Succulents Handbook

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Everything you need to know about cacti and succulents packed into one easy-to-use volume!

60 cactus species, from candelabra cholla and golden-barrel cactus to crow's claw and mother of hundreds
12 succulent families, with featured types of yucca, agave, aloe, sansevieria, and more
7 notable collections found in botanical gardens around the world, from Switzerland to South Africa
200 color photos make it easy for you to spot and identify cacti and succulents in the wild
How to cultivate cacti and succulents, their natural habitats, care, handling, common pests and diseases, and more

There are over 10,000 species of succulents worldwide, of which cacti are but one family. This user-friendly handbook is your guide to the selection and cultivation of these diverse and fascinating plants!

Appealing to both the novice and experienced gardener, Cacti and Succulents Handbook provides comprehensive information on more than 140 common (and uncommon) species and varieties, including their ideal locations, natural habitats, and care and feeding needs. Complete descriptions and color photographs make plant identification easy, and detailed care instructions will help make sure that plants thrive, whether they're being grown indoors or out, in the city or in the country.

Each well-illustrated and informational entry in the plant directory lists number of species, botanical and common names, and essential advice. Choose the right plants and help them thrive, with simple instructions, tips on propagation, repotting, grooming, and pest control, and a seasonal gardening calendar. You'll find popular and easy-to-grow choices suitable for beginners, as well as more desirable species that offer a challenge. Also included are seven inspiring collections of cacti and succulents from around the world, from Ganna Walska Lotusland in Santa Barbara, CA, to Jardin Exotique in Monaco, featuring beautiful specimen plants.

Author Gideon F. Smith is a past president of the International Organization for Succulent Plant Study, and has held numerous positions on the steering committees of international botanical initiatives, including the Species Plantarum Flora of the World project, Global Plants Initiative, International Association for Plant Taxonomy, and Southern African Botanical Diversity Network. He is South Africa's most prolific author on succulent plants and has authored and co-authored over 900 scientific and popular papers, as well as over 50 books, many on cacti and succulents. He has received more than 15 medals and awards in recognition of his research on succulents and environmental leadership work.

Explore a wide selection of cacti and succulents with a directory of over 140 species and varieties, 200 stunning photos, special cultivation notes, and more, with Cacti and Succulents Handbook!

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