Vote Yes on 1

Vote Yes on 1

Join us in building a more viable city-state for the future.

Here at Frog and Toad, we care about the financial health of the City of Providence because we know that when our City is financially viable, our small businesses can reap those benefits. That's why we're excited about the City's proposal to address its long-term financial challenges and why we decided to get involved. Maret Bondorew, Frog & Toad's very talented artist, got to work on making a beautiful poster to help spread the word and it's available here on our website if you would like to help.


The simple fact is: the City's required annual pension payments are growing faster than its revenues, and if the City doesn't take action, that gap will continue to grow as pension payments take up more and more of the City’s budget. Why should we all care about this? This will leave less funding available for important City investments that make our neighborhoods better, like street and sidewalk repairs, parks and recreation centers just to name a few examples.


We've been monitoring the City's engagement with experts to propose a solution that would deposit $500 million through a pension obligation bond into their pension system and we want your support!


We hope you will considering joining us to Save Providence by voting yes on question 1 in the upcoming special election so the City can hear from you in this process. You can vote early at Providence City Hall, Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:30PM between now and June 6 or you can vote on Election Day, June 7, at your assigned polling location.


If you have questions, call 3-1-1 or join an upcoming community meeting.
You can also visit
Join us to save our City and save our state in voting yes on 1!




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