Can-Do Car Can Opener

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This little car just needs a quick wind-up to race 'round the kitchen like new.
Can's Best friend- Need help opening cans? Can Do, the manual can opener, can do it for you! Crafted by the award-winning OTOTO design studio, this nifty friend adds the FUN in functional. What are you waiting for? Grab one of these nifty friends for an effortless can-opening experience.

Can-Do Attitude- Can Do is a kitchen friend that never disappoints. Just like its name, this little tool has a can-do attitude. With its easy grip, it helps you open the can effortlessly without leaving a sharp, rugged edge. Can Do is a reliable kitchen tool to have. Add a bit of fun to your daily tasks with this little friend next to you. Got hefty cans that need opening? Fear not! No matter how hard the task, this flashing red can opener is always at full throttle.

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