Sup Bro Dolphin Greeting Card

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"'Sup, bro?" card. Cocky, confident, athletic, goofy - can we just all agree that dolphins are the bros of the ocean? We can definitely imagine one crushing a beer can with its head.

Ghost academy cards are printed using the centuries old technique of block printing. Each of their cards begins life as an original illustration painstakingly carved into a hard block of linoleum. The carvings are then hand inked and relief printed one by one in their sunny California studio. Block printed cards have saturated colors and a fun texture since the ink sits right on top of the card. Each print is unique, so yours will have slight variations from the picture.

-4.25 by 5.5
-blank on the inside
-they come with a coordinating envelope
-all of our colored paper is recycled and made in the US using sustainable energy

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