Daddy Hat - Maroon

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Have a Daddy and want to express that? Or are you the one who wears the pants? The quality of the stitching will certainly be noticed by your Daddy. If you have a boyfriend, father, husband, or family member that calls you Daddy, this cap will be perfect for you. This is also fitting for women who like to be the dominant ones in the relationship. Perfect unisex cotton cap fit for any day and outfit.

Our soft dad cap fits most adults, and are made light weight with quality in mind, to keep you protected from harmful UV rays to the eyes during sunny days or throw it on if you are on the go with a busy schedule. With our soft padded sweat band, this hat will fit great and gently on your head without aggravating the skin. Features an adjustable Size Buckle Strap, Soft inner sweat band lining.

SIZE: Adjustable Adult Men and Women, Small, Medium, Large (S, M, L).


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