Dispatches from the Fort Poetry

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The author's fourth volume of poetry. Everywhere; inspiration, imagination, and creation abound. Perspectives change. Understandings emerge. Not unlike the natural course of things, the cyclical nature of creative productivity goes on and on and on. Each instant marks the next. Each is a part of the other. The importance lies in the ability to discover what’s new, support what has been, and look to the past for what was. It is vital to take part in culture, to explore our environment, and learn from individuals who are appreciative of it. That is the journey. There is nothing more worthwhile than taking a moment to let someone else’s work inspire one’s own creative thought. Exist in the environment, and take comfort in the place you currently inhabit. Time moves forward. The passage of it brings about age. We are born, grow up, and die. People met and places traveled to, no matter how close or far, fill the intervals in between, and influence life on many levels. And so this new volume of poetry was born. These are the dispatches from the fort.

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