DIY Miniature House Kit : Double Joy Bubble Tea

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Get ready to dive into a world of colorful and delicious fun with Double Joy Bubble Tea. Our delightful miniature kits allow you to create your very own tiny bubble tea store, where sweetness and creativity blend in perfect harmony!

[IT'S TEA TIME] Unleash your inner mixologist and create the ultimate miniature bubble tea experience. Our comprehensive kits provide all the ingredients you need to bring your tiny bubble tea store to life. From miniature counters and drink stations to tiny cups, straws, and a variety of toppings, each component is thoughtfully designed to ensure an authentic and delightful bubble tea crafting experience.

[SUPER STORE SERIES] This miniature is a part of the plastic and modular Super Stores series. Mix and match with other stores from this series to create a stackable tower or horizontal street full of bustling stores. Each store is made of 3 boards and can be stacked horizontally, vertically, or both forming an L-shape.

[AMBIENT LIGHT] Light up your room with these miniatures, which comes with lighting and a battery that is neatly hidden in plain sight. Turn on and off the switch by short pressing the button and adjust the brightness by long pressing it.

[EASY ASSEMBLY] Our easiest miniatures yet, these kits are made of durable plastic and don't require any gluing or painting. Perfect for beginners and those who want an easy build, the Super Store series make great gifts for any occasion.

1️Recommended for ages 14+

Main Materials: Plastic

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