Frog Backpack (Medium) - Mint

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A backpack shaped like a frog. What more could you want? This medium sized backpack is perfect for day trips, coffee shop outings, light criminal activity, and more!


* made with vegan leather
* will NOT fit a 13 inch laptop. It will fit iPad's of various sizes. including those real big ones. If you choose to ignore this warning and put your laptop inside him anyways, the corners will stick out the top and look rather silly.
* this is not meant to be a school bag. it is not durable enough to be thrown around willy nilly or hold heavy textbooks. please treat your frog gently.
* clear window in the front allows you to display your pins, merchandise, or whatever other little shiny goblin trinkets you might collect without worrying about them falling off!
* comes with a tiny knife keychain (to commit crimes with) and 2 ita inserts

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