Tin Can Edge Detector

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Part of the Eco-Engineering/Green Science series - help save our environment! Build your own edge detecting robot using a recyclable soda can. Watch it glide across the table without tipping over.

You will need an empty soda can, a small crosshead screwdriver and one AAA battery.

Kit includes base cover, base with wires, lower can ring, upper can ring, gear top plate, battery cover, 2 lower arms, 2 upper arms, 2 transparent covers, motor with wires, 2 axles, 2 eye supports, 2 eyes, 2 sets of bolts and nuts, 2 gear wheels, 2 terminal caps, 5 small screws, and detailed instructions. Required but not included: clean empty soft drink can, small crosshead screwdriver, one AAA battery.

Recommended for ages 8 years and up.

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