Cannabis for Creatives

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Learn how cannabis can help spark your creativity!

Cannabis has long been used and revered for its many benefits, from its widely acknowledged medical applications to its commonly accepted ability to help people relax. And now, with the list of states and countries legalizing marijuana usage for all purposes growing rapidly, we’ve finally reached a tipping point where cannabis is achieving a level of mainstream acceptance and usage, especially among artists. Many established and aspiring artists are looking to cannabis use to aid in their creativity―whether that’s to expand the imagination, connect disparate ideas, take artistic risks, or myriad other ways to create and generate work.

In Cannabis for Creatives, photographer and cannabis advocate Jordana Wright provides what you need to know to take full advantage of cannabis’s potential in your creative work. She begins with the basics―how cannabis grows, how it is ingested, and the nuances of variety―then works through both the history of cannabis usage and all the pertinent details of the plant itself―lineage, strains, appearance, flavor, terpenes, and the types of high you can experience. Jordana also discusses the neuroscience of cannabis use, including how it affects the brain and how science measures creativity.

Then, Jordana reveals her findings after conducting more than 30 interviews with artists, including photographers, writers, sculptors, painters, actors, comedians, and musicians as she investigates how these artists use cannabis in their work―including what strains work best for them―and how it has helped them become more creative, increase their artistic output, and have creative breakthroughs. The book also features a series of creative prompts that you can use as guided creative experiences in your own creative work.

Table of Contents
Introduction: Uncovering the Relationship Between Creativity and Cannabis
Chapter 1: Cannabis Use Through History
Chapter 2: Studying Creativity
Chapter 3: Cannabis and the Brain
Chapter 4: Understanding the Plant
Chapter 5: Cannabis and Creativity: The Interviews
Chapter 6: Exploring Your Own Creativity with Cannabis

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