How To Draw Cute Doodles and Illustrations

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Perfect for doodlers of all ages and the ideal companion for kids at home or on the go!

Grab a piece of paper or a digital sketchpad and get drawing! In three easy steps, you can go from a squiggle or a few lines to a silly Santa Claus or a fluffy-maned lion. It's that simple!

Kamo's funny, feel-good drawings and doodles have earned her a worldwide reputation. With this all-in-one beginner's guide, her easy step-by-step instructions will inspire readers to sit down and draw something. In this irresistible book, Kamo shows you:

  • More than 1000 examples to make on your own--no prior training required
  • How to use your doodles to dress up your classroom, workspace, bedroom and more
  • Tips for making signs, cards, invitations and newsletters using your drawings

Kamo's message is simple and clear--once you know the basics, you can draw anything! There are no rules to follow or classes to take. Just follow her lead and see where your imagination takes you!

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