Knock It Off - The Movie!


This is the story behind a simple t-shirt. It’s the story of a Governor, a state in crisis, people out of work, shelves bare, and an incredible network of non-profits there to help. It’s about small businesses working together to help their neighbors, even as they contemplate their own uncertain futures. It’s a story of hope. It's a story about Rhode Island.

The new film directed and produced by Mike Bell of Embee Studios was a collaboration in true Rhode Island fashion. We'd like to thank the following folks for all their involvement:

The Rhode Island Foundation, US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, Arianne Corrente, The United Way of Rhode Island, House of Hope, Meals on Wheels, Progreso Latino, Thundermist Health Centers, Deer Tick, Ian O'Neil, Terrorbird Media, Ravi Shavi, Liz Isenberg, Lori Witham, Proclamation Ale, Tom Toupin, New Harvest Coffee, Parched, Bad Taste, Walt Palm, Palm's Catering, Stephanie DeSilva Mandeville, Bywater, David Allyn, Industrious Spirit Company and Justin the Mailman.

If you'd like to join the Knock It Off crew, you can find the entire line of products here.




  1. Ronald Caniglia Ronald Caniglia

    This is as said in the movie, a true testament of the spirit that binds us all together as Rhode Islanders, and with that spirit, if we could put that into many other needed areas, we could be the State that everyone would like to live in!! Spirit and energy creates, spirit and energy, and it can provide great results for all Rhode Islanders!!!

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