Father's Day Gift Guide ... Part 1!

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Memorial Day weekend is behind us, which means... next up: Father's Day! The grills are out, the yard is mowed, and the jorts are on. June is almost here and it's time to celebrate Pops! We've put together a collection of our historic best sellers, new favorites, and must-haves for all kinds of dads. Stay tuned for a special Titanic Tuesday every week with our fave Dad gifts.

Staff Pick
My dad is notoriously hard to shop for; he buys what he needs and doesn't want "stuff”. Farmsteady's DIY food kits have become my go-to for the old man. Whether your dad is a hot sauce man, crazy for kraut, or likes a good old-fashioned jelly doughnut, there's a kit for every taste. This year Dad’s getting the soft pretzel and beer cheese kit, and I can't wait to reap the benefits.

Soft pretzel and beer kit - $36


Socks for Everyone!
Socks get a bad rap for being a lame gift, but we disagree! Socks are a fun way to let your person know that you really get them, and they’re functional. Seriously, do dads ever buy themselves socks? RARELY. We've seen those holes. Frankly, you're doing Dad a service buying him a new pair.

The rad dad socks - $14.99


Dad Joke Central
You might think Dad already knows every cheesy joke possible, but we were surprised to see how many more cringe-worthy jokes there are! Pick up this little box set and help Dad add to his arsenal. A perfect addition to any bathroom — where Dad does his best work.

Cringey dad jokes - $8


Don't Need, Gotta Have
Betcha didn't expect two toilet-related gifts in this guide, did ya? JK, it's us; you're probably not surprised at all. Pick up this teeny little journal for Pops to keep in his back pocket for all noteworthy flatulence. So many ways to rate -- sound, smell, length — Mom will be delighted to no longer have to hear about every sound coming out of Dad's butt.

A tiny fart diary - $8


Dad Top Picks

Wash your nuts soap - $14


Gopher the caddie golf tees - $9.75


Mini air horn - $10.95


It's a father figure greeting card - $5.75


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