Carnival Parade Mini Hand Creams Gift Set

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Join us as we celebrate the great British tradition of festivals and carnivals. Flowery floats carry our lovable menagerie of hand-painted animals in a mouthwatering palette of pistachio, pastels, and ditsy flowers. Cyclamen heart shaped bordered amongst maypoles of daisies dressed in ribbons re-imagine the excitement of a carnival ride.

Three gourmand scents. Pistachio ice, sweet plum, and marble mind. Enriched with skin loving shea butter, cocoa seed butter, vitamin E, and glycerin for moisturised soft feeling hands.

Sweet Plum:
Imagine a delicious plum pie flavoured with hints of cinnamon, fruity spices, and a pinch of sweet vanilla.

Pistachio Ice:
Sweet irresistible pistachio ice cream blended with roasted almonds, fresh hazelnuts, hints of coconut, orange and creamy vanilla.

Marble Mint:
Mouth watering shards of dark chocolate melted with cool refreshing mint and a touch of eucalyptus with a spoonful of vanilla.

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