Rhode Island Led Gaspee Sweatshirt

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You asked, so here it is! Our Best-Selling Gaspee Shirt is now a crewneck sweatshirt!

Together with the RIHS, we have reimagined big moments in RI history through the lens of classic rock concert tees. Designed by the all-powerful Maret Bondorew (her last t-shirt design sold 14,000 units), our Led Zeppelin/Gaspee Affair mashup is an homage to the rock stars who dared board the HMS Gaspee and go toe-to-toe with the King of England. Stay tuned for more new releases from our collab with the RIHS in the coming weeks. All proceeds will be donated to the Rhode Island Historical Society so that they may continue their exemplary stewardship of our shared RI history and culture.

50/50 cotton/polyester blend

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