Two Dollar Radio Guide to Vegan Cooking

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Two Dollar Radio Guide to Vegan Cooking: The Pink Edition (2022) is two things at once: a practical guide to vegan cheffing, and a playful epic of the stories behind the recipes.

In this Pink Edition of the celebrated Guide to Vegan Cooking series, the saga continues as executive chefs Jean-Claude van Randy and Speed Dog (with assists from Eric Obenauf) share comfort food recipes with an international flourish, such as Bunny Chow—a blasphemous bread bowl favored by South African surfers; Chilaquiles—a Mexican breakfast dish, and finally something the rockeros and the metaleros can agree on; and a Banana Peel Banh Mi—a riff on the classic Vietnamese sandwich using—you guessed it, banana peels! Rest assured, Chef Randy’s Sheboygan roots run deep, as there is a dedicated section on vegan “Cheezes,” as well as debaucherous Midwestern staples like Pimento CheezeFrench Toast Sandwiches, and Pizza. Vegan Hunger Demons do not sleep. Thankfully Randy and Speed Dog are laced up and ready for battle.

This Guide to Vegan Cooking is for you if:
• You’re looking for satisfying comfort food;
• You’re interested in a vegan diet but are having trouble giving up cheese;
• You’re searching for accessible vegan recipes that don’t require hard-to-find ingredients you can’t pronounce;
• You crave ADVENTURE.


The recipes included in the Two Dollar Radio Guide to Vegan Cooking: The Pink Edition are:
• Almond Pesto & Cashew Mozzarella Caprese
• Cream Cheeze
• Fountain of Youth Pimento Cheeze Spread
• Sliceable Mozzarella Cheeze
• Buffalo Queso
• Mozzarella Caprese
• Cucumber Dill Soup
• Lentil Soup
• Hearts of Palm Ceviche
• Kalamata Olive Hummus
• Salsa Verde
• Grandma’s Salsa
• Chilaquiles
• French Toast Monster
• Banh Mi Op La
• Bunny Chow
• Scramble
• Breakfast Mollette
• Coconut Bacon
• Boujee Boardwalk “Calamari” Fritti Sammy
• Banana Peel Banh Mi
• Walnut Chorizo Grilled Cheeze
• “Meat”Ball Sub
• Oyster Mushrooms with Bechamel Sauce
• Eggplant Parmigiana
• Falafel
• Kimchi & Fried Tofu
• Curry Enchiladas
• Pizza
• Caprese Sandwich
• Farmhaus Breaded Tofu Tortuga
• Jalapeño Popper Bagel
• Pambazo de Chilaquiles
• Banana Peel Cheezesteak
• Lemon-Blueberry Cupcakes
• Carrot Cake Bars
• Quick-Pickled Veggies
• Hot Sauce
• Garlic Butter
• Mayonnaise (or Aioli, if You’re Fancy)

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